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This package includes the Digital ViB plus these accessories:

  • Zoom Camera
  • Bullet Camera
  • IR Camera
  • Camera with interchangeable lens's (8mm, 16mm, and 25mm)
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Battery Clips
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Blank CD

*All cameras are color, B/W optional at no charge

Need a quick, simple, four-camera covert or semi covert, video recording system?  Then look no further.  The New Digital ViB is your answer!  The Digital ViB (pronounced “vibe”) is an all-in-one mobile video package that allows you to obtain, view, and record surveillance footage from up to four simultaneous video feeds.  Providing multi-cam views of designated target areas, the unit is easy to operate and effortlessly integrates with existing cameras for utilization in a variety of surveillance environments.

 The ViB is perfect for gathering intelligence on suspected drug locations, areas of vandalism, break-ins or suspected terrorist meeting points.  Obtain tag numbers from over a quarter mile away with the optional zoom camera or see into the darkest alley with our Third Gen Night Vision Camera.  Need to go wireless?  The ViB can even be used with our exclusive 1 watt, FCC approved, long range video transmitters or any other camera that we offer.  This system will even integrate with your departments existing cameras that you may have in your inventory via standard RCA inputs.  With “on-the-fly” video search features, the new Digital ViB provides quick editing tools and CD-ROM mastering for logging case evidence.  

Covert "Quad-Cam" Package