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Announcing the availability of the world’s first digital outdoor recording system. With removable hard drives and easy computer playback, the Digital Guardian 2000 provides a complete hidden video camera system that only records the action. The unit can stay in “stand-by” mode for up to 30 days with enough battery strength to record up to 8 hours of high quality digital video! The wireless motion detectors keep a watchful “eye” over the protected area. Once the target area is accessed the detectors will send a signal to the receiver, which in turn activates the hidden camera and recorder. When the perpetrator leaves the area, the digital recorder and camera revert to stand-by mode and wait for the next event.

The Digital Guardian 2000 comes standard with our exclusive Seismic and Beam Break Sensors. The Seismic Sensor detects footsteps up to 35 feet away and vehicles at up to 300 feet. The Seismic Sensor can be buried underground with nothing but the antenna exposed and will transmit back to the main unit up to 1000 feet away. Our G2K Beam Break Sensor uses invisible beams of light to detect motion. The self-aligning heads make for fast and easy set-up and can be placed up to 35 feet from each other. With four different detection settings, the G2K Beam Break will help make false alarms a thing of the past. Both sensor transmitters operate on standard 9-Volt and AA batteries.

The easy-to-use handheld master control panel also comes standard with the Digital Guardian 2000 and features the "wireless interrogator."  Once activated, the interrogator will retrieve vital information from your system such as alarm hits, battery strength, remaining record time, alarm duration, and time/date stamp. With a range of up to 2000ft, entering the target area to check the status of your system is no longer necessary. Other new features on the handheld include direct camera setup via a 3.5-inch LCD screen and alarm activation test modes. The on-screen display also provides a user-friendly menu, so setup is a snap!
Digital G2K